House with guest house and pool on a well-kept property

Houses Guairá, Mbocayaty



The property includes 8.000 qm with big shady trees and fruit trees, a main house, a guest house with a tower and a pool.

 The main house provides a living room with a fireplace, a kitchen, an office room, 2 bedrooms, a bathroom with shower & toilet and another bathroom with bath tub & toilet.

 There goes a terrace around the house and a pool ich located behind it with a size of 10 to 4 meters (with shower & amp; complete pool technique).


The guest house has a floor area of about 77 qm. The first floor consists of 4 functional rooms and a toilet, the second floor consists of the terrace with the main entrance, a little foyer and a little kitchen, 2 bedrooms each with its own bathrooms (toilet &shower).


The Attic is possibly to use as a storage room, the tower provides an area of ca. 4 qm. At eye level the tower is open to all sides but there is a water tank kept inside which is not visible from the outside. The access is via a spiral staircase.


Multi-purpose hall:

 A car parking space with assembly pit, a workshop container, machinery and different materials, magazine for labor force, a timber storage and a Nissan Terrano. There also is a Parabolic antenna for satellite television and a angular steel mast (25 meters) with an antenna for Internet.



Other somethings:

 1 off-road vehicle (Nissan), a trailer, old trees, 15 different fruit tree variety, light wanderer equipment and many other equipment ojects.



The Price includes everything, which also means the furniture, tools, vehicles etc. (except for personal belongings).


Price in Euro: 134.000.-

 Price in US$: 139.000.-


General Features


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