Estancia with almost 128 hectares with river and houses

Farm Paraguarí, Roque González de Santa Cruz



This is an estancia (ranch) of nearly 128 hactares (1,276,608 square meters).

Approximately 25 ha of land are covered by forest - with mature trees such as Lapachos, Curupai, Tataree, Laurrel etc. -and the rest of the property is natural range land .

On the property:

- A river of about 1 km length and rich in water all round the year. - A small stream with a fish pond in its middle, it flows into the river after 500 meters. - Riverside: there are large sand deposits (white sand) and also Ripio - gravel.

- Soil which is suitable for the production of bricks. - A Mbocaya Coco plantation which is ca. 4 - 5 ha big and very economical. - Currently, the land has 6 pastures (Piquetes) which are seperated by electic fences. More pastures are in process right now. - The fence around the whole property is newly built out of 5 Ilohs (barbed wire) and every 2.5 meters is a post.

The "farmyard" covers an area of ca. 3 hectares, which is fenced.. There is located the main house, 1 Capataz (guest house), 1 draw well which is about 11 meters deep, a deep well which is 60 meters deep with a 1000 liter tank and a Valco- pump, a dedicated power line from the street to the house with its own transformer, 5 Corale (1 large cattle Coral with treatment platform and loading ramp, about half a year old and 4 smaller for horses etc.), 1 pigsty (12,5m x 12,5m), a goat and sheep shelter, 3 fenced chicken areas and a pasture (right now for the rheas) which is close to one hectare big and fenced with a wire mesh. Last but not least the farmyard area has also a workshop / Deposito (storage room).


Arround the main house: The area is about 1000 square meters and specially fenced by wire mesh. The ground there is half paved and half sand. It is shaded by many mango trees (Brasileiro and comun), oranges, passion fruit, tangerine, papaya, guava and limes Lapachos. There is also a vegetable garden with a size of 350 square meter.

The main house: It has a floor area of about 130 square meters, a large kitchen, 2 bedrooms, a living room, a storage room / pantry and 2 bathrooms both are completely tiled up to the ceiling (and both provide shower, toilet and 80 l Thermocalefon). In each room are fans on the ceiling and a light switch for the exterior lighting around the house. The Internet access is guaranteed by an own (Tigo) antenna.


The Capataz (guest house) is about 50 meters away from the main house and has a living space of about 45 square meters divided into a kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a tiled bathroom with shower and toilet.

Each house is a Luz - Publico. The house and the Capataz were freshly painted in this month (yellow). In the main house is still some work to do, but it is very good habitable.


The property's location is very nicely secluded. The house is about 1.6 km away from the entrance and the last 500 meters are a Lapacho-Allee.


Near the entrance gate there is still a small slightly dilapidated one-room cottage, which is in need of repair quickly.


From the asphalt street (Ruta 1) till the gate of the property there is a very good passable earth road which is 6.4 km long.

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